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The Website Method

Owning a website or a blog  is the best way of making money ; Not many people have a good website, but the ones who have one can make lots of money. You can make easily 10$ a day if you have a high traffic website (That's how people get 20$ daily ). How to do it:

1: Create a website or a blog and post good unique content. Get traffic to your site by autosurfers, traffic exchange, SEO, backlinks... Attracting traffic is the most difficult part, but if you keep posting daily it will be easier.

2: Once you have a medium-high traffic website/blog, It's time to put ads like adsense or any other things, like linkbucks for all your links. Don't do this untill you have a minimum traffic or people will leave your website instantly.

*cloak with linkbucks*

3: Create a fullpage script on linkbucks. Put POPUP as ad type and put the link exclusions you want, etc... Linkbucks will then give you a short code; Copy it.

4: Go to your website/blog and edit the html code. The html code will have a <body> tag at the beggining and a </body> tag at the end. Just paste the code between these two tags it's as simple as that ^^

5: Go to your website once the code has been added and click a random link on it. If a linkbucks link appears instead of a normal link, the code is working properly. Check also that the linkbucks link redirects you to the original page.

The different ways to setting up a website for free.

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