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1.What is the benefit from becoming a member of SharedImages?
The following table tells you the difference of the feature between member and free guest:


Features Member Free
Upload images
Max image size 1M bytes 1M bytes
Storage period of image Never deleted Never deleted
Get images code
Upload images with zipped file No
Upload images from URL No
Create and manage album No
Get 1 USD signup bonus No
Get revenue from traffic No

2.How to share images with others?
Sharing images with others is simple.
Step 1, Create a new album with
this page.
Step 2, you need to upload your image files to SharedImages.
Step 3, Click 'Get Code' button in image list table, you will get HTML or BB code for all selected images.
Finally, paste HTML code to your website or post BB code to forum.

If you do not upload any image, you still could share images uploaded by others.
Step 1, Browse albums marked as 'public' that created by others.
Step 2, In album.php page, click 'Get Code' button in image list, you will get HTML or BB code for all selected images.
Finally, paste HTML code to your website or post BB code to forum.

3. Is there any rules that I should comply with when upload and share images?
Yes, They set strict rules to regulate uploading and sharing behavior.







4.What is a point ? How do you calculate points?

The term of point means how much traffic you contribute to Their website. The following is our policy of points counting:
- When a new unique visitor views image for the first time, your will get some points for this unique visit.
- Each time(not the first time) the visitor views images, your will get some points for this image view.
- If the traffic is sent by yourself and other member's image(s), you will get 80% of all points that the traffic generates.
- If the traffic is sent by other member and your image(s), you will get 20% of all points that the traffic generates.







5.What is the convert rate from my points tio USD?

The convert rate varies with the income of SharedImages. In promotion period, we plan to payout 90% of our income to our member and the initial rate is 1 USD per 1500 points, which is most competitive payrate in industry.
This payrate means that if you send 1000 unique visitors, you will get 1 USD. At the same time, if you send 20000 image views, you will get another 1 USD.






6.How much moneyshould I earn before I request USD payment? How do you receive my earnings?

The minimum balance required for payout is only 5 USD. If you don't want to receive money so frequently, you could accumulate more money before request.

After you request your earnings, your earnings will be sent to you via E-Gold, Liberty Reserve, ePassporte or PayPal.


They will settle your payment within 1~5 business days according to the settlement workload.



Country/Region Tiers

Tier level Countries/Regions
Tier_1 United States;  United Kindom;  Canada;  Australia; 
Tier_2 Germany;  Franch;  Spain;  Austria;  Belgium;  Denmark;  Finland;  Sweden;  Switzerland;  Netherlands;  Italy; 
Tier_3 Japan;  Hong Kong;  Taiwan;  India;  Korea (North);  Singapore;  Russia; 
Tier_4 All countries/regions except above; 

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