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1. What is DepositFiles?

DepositFiles - is a popular international service for safe file's transfer, storage, and distribution. The size of our servers, working on several gigabyte Internet channels, is nearly unlimited. Today, there is no other similar service that can offer you this level of quality. DepositFiles is the best and quickest service of uploading, storing, and safe forwarding of your files on the Internet.

*The Depositfiles method

This method will use
Depositfiles  to earn money. Depositfiles is a paying file hoster that will pay you 5-10$/1000 downloads. This method is the best to use with freeware, but with pictures is also fantastic:

1: Register on depositfiles
HERE (use my referrel link)

2: Get some pictures, software or whatever you want to share. Download them to your computer.

3: Upload it to depositfiles; When you get the download link,

-3a: Software: Post on a software forum: The screencap uploaded by sharedimages and the download link uploaded by depositfiles

-3b: Adult pictures: Post you galleries as you would normally do, but add the download link to download each gallery at the end of the post

  let's see the earnings: From the 2000 people who see your gallery, only 100 of them downloads the gallery:  2$ with sharedimages (If you used the sharedimages method) and 0.5$-1$ from depositfiles. If you use software, earnings are practically the same ^^

2. Is DepositFiles service free? Can I use it right now?

You can upload and download files up to 2Gb absolutely free! You do not need to register for it! We have designed our service of file forwarding for a year and a half, we wanted to make this service easy for millions of people to use, and now everybody uses DepositFiles, in which our users are not only people with special computer training! Millions of people from different countries having different occupations (students, businesspersons, homemakers, different specialists, workers, clerks, etc.) use our service every day! DepositFiles service is absolutely free! Try it and see for yourself!

3. Why do I need to register at DepositFiles?

In general, if you want to upload a file up to 300MB you do not need to register, but registration provides you with additional advantages. According to the type of your account, you will obtain more freedom for your actions – from the more convenient removal of your uploaded files, to the chance of using safe forwarding of large files – up to 2Gb! Compare the Gold-account’s advantages and regular registration.

4. What files can I upload and what is the maximum size of the file?

You can upload any files (EXE, MP3, MPEG, AVI, RAR, ZIP, JPG, etc.), that you use at work or on holidays! Music files, video files, mp3, useful programs, games, ringtones for your cell phones, digital photos, office files (in Excel, PowerPoint, Word format), project schemes, architectural drawings, conference recordings, price-lists, regular agreements, laboratory data, server configuration files, advertising booklets, and so on. Today, the maximum size of a uploaded file is 300MB, which is the largest on the Internet. Registered users can upload an even larger size – up to 2Gb!

5. How long can I store a uploaded file in DepositFiles?

The longest term of file storing in DepositFiles is 30 days from the date of its last download! For Gold-users the file storage term is even longer! Of course, the file is stored in our system if it responds to our user’s agreement and does not violate the laws of your country. This particularly means that files that violate the copyright laws or containing any forbidden information will be deleted as soon as they are found. If you have found such files in the DepositFiles system, we will be grateful if you inform us about them: just send us a complaint by filling in the form on our complaint page.

6. My Web hosting does not allow storing large mp3 and avi files. Can I upload these files to DepositFiles and place a link to them on my website so visitors of the website can download them?

You can upload an unlimited number of any files to our system and place the links to them anywhere: on your homepage, company website, on the forums that you visit, you can send these links to your friends by ICQ, YIM, IRQ, e-mail service (Spam is forbidden) and so on. You only need to remember the exclusive links to your files accurately; otherwise, your friends will not be able to download them.

7. What limitations are there on DepositFiles for the number of downloads?

There is no limitation for the number of downloads of a file! Some files stored in our system have been downloaded more than 100,000 times. If you are not a Gold user, you can upload only one file in one current without interruption. Moreover, you can use any downloading accelerator: GetRight, FlashGet, etc. Gold users can upload 250 files in 50 currents as well as use a uploading option for broken files!

8. Can I see the whole file archive of your system?

Generally, no. Our service guarantees total confidence of both your files and other user’s files. As some people do not want to grant access to their files to everybody, generally it is impossible to receive the files, if you do not know their links.

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