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What is BidVertiser Publishers Program?

BidVertiser Publishers Program is a fast and easy to use way for publishers of all sizes to display unobtrusive text ads on their website and earn money. The program is free and BidVertiser pays you for valid clicks on the ads on your site. You simply paste an HTML code into your web pages and ads will instantly start appearing. Advertisers will bid against each other for your ad space, while our 3rd generation bidding-based ad serving system will always display the highest bidders, those that will generate the maximum revenue for your advertising space.

How does BidVertiser decide which ads get displayed?

BidVertiser will always display the highest bidders on your site, assuring the maximum revenue possible at any given time. You will see a constant improvement in your bidding over time, as both your visitors and our advertisers will be exposed to the opportunity of bidding against each other on your ad space.

What makes BidVertiser different from other ad networks?

  Other ad networks (like Google and Overture) BidVertiser
Ads control Targeting your ads according to keywords - this gives you no control over the ads that will be displayed on your site. Advertisers bid against each other directly on your ad space - you Have full control over the ads displayed on your site.
Price-per-click Price-per-click is always determined by the keywords, not by the quality of your website - this may cause a paradox where your high-quality site will get the same price-per-click as other low-quality site gets, just because you have a similar content. The price-per-click you get is based on the quality and popularity of your website. The more popular and appealing your site is, the higher price-per-click you will get.
Requirements Ads are served based on the text of your site, what makes the following sites unsuitable for those networks:
  1. Sites with little content.
  2. Flash sites.
  3. Sites with content pages that change frequently.
  4. Web pages that require a login.
Ads are served based on our 3rd generation bidding-based system, a system that accepts all sites, including flash sites, sites with little content and password-protected pages.

How do I sign up?

To get started, all you have to do is to complete and submit the Publishers Program sign-up form. Click here to sign up.

How quickly will BidVertiser ads start appearing on my site?

Once you have created your account you will be provided with a few lines of HTML code to paste onto your web page. Once you have pasted the code on your page, ads will instantly start appearing. Please note that in order to prevent offensive websites from displaying our ads, we manually review and approve each site (usually within 48 hours). During this time, your ads will display the default BidVertiser ads. Once approved, the BidVertiser system will constantly be utilizing the highest bidders to be displayed on your site to maximize your revenue. Once ads are being shown on your site our advertisers will start bidding on your ads, while the performance of your BidVertiser ads will be steadily improving over time.

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